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Ever since the guitar sounded I always had the need and the desire to pull something out of my head, giving free vent to my creativity. I think anyone who plays an instrument ,even at the amateur level ,has had this need, even more if he’s part of a band and doesn’t just want to play covers. Of course, even by playing the covers we can be creative, I personally like to reinterpret some songs in my own way and I find it stimulating and creative, but creating from nothing is just another thing. I think it’s important and rewarding to make something out of ours and I find that this completes an artist.

In creativity there is no rule, the best ideas are certainly the most instinctive ones, which come out naturally without thinking too much, only later we can develop these ideas and give it a just shape to make them become real songs.

What do I mean by musical ideas?

What you find here are some of my musical ideas that can be riffs ranging from rock to metal, or arpeggios that are good for an intro, or just a round of chords. We say that there will be a bit of everything and I will not exclude even more articulated compositions where there is a voice line.

Here is my intent is this, give you a cue for your composition, or maybe use these my ideas to put it into something that already exists.
If they are in your music taste, it is up to you to use them as best if you feel that they are valid!musical suggestions

As well as showing you in the video how to play these little compositions, for each of them, I will strive to transcribe the tabulation so that you can better understand them. The tabling in addition to being able to download it in pdf format will also be featured in the demo video version, where I use the famous Guitar pro music software that lets you listen to the score.

I don’t know how often I will put these ideas on, inspiration goes and goes but I invite you to follow me because my intent is to put as many videos as possible. If they will help you let me know so I’ll have more incentive to continue and if any of these ideas will be in some of your future song…. I would be curious to hear them!

♫ My musical ideas ♫

Riff Metal

Riff Hard Rock