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Tablature are mostly simple and intuitive tool to understand how to play a song even for those who know little or nothing about music theory, which is why they have had great success among guitarists.

Obviously the tablature is not made only by numbers, but there are many symbols which indicate how we have to play a certain note and therefore it is important to know all the symbols that can be found on a tab to play the song as best as possible.

These are some of the symbols that you can find:

-hammer on
-pull of
-release bend
-slide up
-slide dow
-palm mute

what kind of tabs can you find?

The tabs that you can find inside of my blog are transcribed by me and you can’t find on other websites, this is because I transcribe only songs that you do not even find the tablature. I would not see the reason to create something that already exists!

I can say that I have a good ear, and also with the help of software on musical knowledge, I am able to accurately transcribe many songs. I do not deny that it can be hard work to transcribe an entire song from scratch, even more if there are more guitar tracks. This is a job that takes a long time, a lot of concentration, infinite patience and maniacal precision, but the passion and fun combined with the satisfaction of having created a full song conquers all!

I decided to put some tablature for free and others for a fee. The fact of having made payment is to give a symbolic recognition to the hard work I mentioned earlier, made up of many hours. I put it anyway and still put many other free tablature that I hope will be useful. The quality of the tablature for free you will find is the same as the ones you’ll find for a fee, the only difference may be that some of those free are not always complete, or they are covers reinterpreted by me that I still wanted to write down in case anyone is interested in playing them with his own band.

For your convenience in the study of the tablature, you will find attached an audio file to listen to how it sounds, in order to realize the careful precision and realism with which they were made.

Description of tablature

For the transcription of tablature, I use the famous Guitar Pro software that allows you to write music in a simple way. Guitar Pro like any other music software gives us the possibility to listen to the score and this is very useful to see if there are errors in transcription.
Each tablature I public is subjected to careful listening, that’s why they are very faithful to the original.

Depending on the song you can also find more guitar parts, from the rhythmic one
to that solo and also all the chords in the song.
Above the score you’ll also have the lyrics in order to better understand
at what point of the song you will find when you study the piece.
A very useful thing that I will put at the disposal is also the audio file to be able to listen to the tablature.

Here is a sample of my work:

Audio file ⇓


As a small example, I showed you the tablature of the song Under the runes by Bathory transcribed by me, where you can listen to the audio track that sounds like the original song (here you can see the video tutorial).
At first you will always find the audio file, then the chords and then the tablature of the song.